Monday, September 20, 2021

The Blotter: A woman called to say her husband was drunk and being mean to her.

| August 18, 2021 1:00 PM

Aug. 10

Someone hit the Masonic Temple and the Glacier Institute with graffiti. Reckless driver on Highway 40. Report of sparks coming from a vehicle. Someone reported a door open and towel on the floor when they came home. A guy left a broken down motorbike near the railroad tracks. He later came and got it from the police station so it wouldn’t get stolen.

Aug. 11

Weeds violation on Grace Road. Someone claimed there were unauthorized renters living on a property. A kid wrote a nasty message to another kid in chalk on the sidewalk. A woman wanted her mom escorted off the premises. A “lost” child was found at grandma’s house.

Aug. 12

Police caught up with a speeder going 63 in a 25 mph zone but not until they were in Columbia Heights. A woman called to say her husband was drunk and being mean to her.

Aug. 13

Report of needles being stuck in doors at an apartment complex. Report of items being stolen from a safe. Neighbor called to say the house across the street had a light going on and off in the garage.

Aug. 14

Report of a dog off a leash attacking another dog at a city park. Someone stole a purse from an unlocked car. Reckless driver going 90 on west side of town on Highway 2. Depressed person called 911.

Aug. 15

A person wanted an emergency plane ticket to get out of a relationship. A neighbor with a gun threatened to shoot another neighbor’s dog. Report of stolen wallet at a casino.