Friday, May 14, 2021

The Blotter: Kids took a mattress out of a Dumpster and were using it as a trampoline.

| April 28, 2021 6:20 AM

April 19

Reports of domestic abuse.

Reports of reckless driving. A man discovered the driver’s side window of his 1968 Camaro was missing after he saw broken glass scattered in his driveway.

April 20

A resident was concerned with the rising number of car break-ins occurring near Diane Road in the past few weeks, reporting at least three separate cars that had items stolen from them. Reports of potential child abuse. A hit and run occurred to a high school student’s vehicle while they were in class.

A driver hit a deer. Two men were thrown out of a restaurant for continually being verbally aggressive towards the staff.

Reports of a vehicle being parked in a handicap spot without a sticker. Reports of drunk driving.

April 21

Someone complained about the noise made from a neighbor kid riding his dirt bike. Two juveniles were cited for vaping.

A woman found earbuds in her car that didn’t belong to her. A vehicle was rear ended while waiting for a driver to parallel park on Nucleus Avenue, but no injuries were incurred. Reports of an ongoing speeding issue from several teenage drivers. A child in a car seat was accidentally locked in a car. A found wallet was turned into the police station. Four different vehicles across town had been rummaged through during the night. A man was seen walking through the neighborhood trying to open car doors.

April 22

Someone may have stolen a car from North Dakota. They also had a baby with them.

Report of sexual assault of a young girl. A man just released from jail wanted a ride to a warming shelter.

April 23

A woman claimed someone was following her to work and cursing at her. Police advised her on how to get an order of protection.

April 24

A drug user may be claiming that his family was tracking him and had implanted devices in his head. Kids took a mattress out of a Dumpster and were using it as a trampoline.

Neighbors were disputing a fenceline.

April 25

A 10-year-old girl was counseled about stealing stuff, including spikes from the railroad tracks.