Friday, April 23, 2021

The Blotter: T-bone on Nucleus

| April 7, 2021 7:55 AM

March 29

A man who stumbled out of his car after swerving across lanes, bumping into curbs and running into a dead deer lying in the road was charged with a DUI.

Reports of an attempted suicide. A driver was given a warning for no tail lights.

March 30

A found dog was dropped off at the police kennel.

The reason for an uprooted “No Parking” sign was unknown. A man woke up in a ditch; the last thing he remembered was his name being yelled before he turned around and everything went black. Reports of a whimpering dog stuck in a neighbor’s garage.

March 31

Someone threatened to sue his neighbor. Reports of suicidal intent. Reports of a domestic dispute that involved a boyfriend smashing his girlfriend’s phone. A driver was cited for failing to properly stop at a stop sign.

April 1

A vehicle was damaged after hitting a deer. A driver was broadside T-boned while crossing Nucleus Avenue; no parties were injured. A woman lost her keys, possibly near the community fishing pond.

Nearly $300 worth of property was stolen from someone’s pickup truck. Someone left their bank card in the ATM. Reports of a domestic dispute.

April 2

Someone attempted to steal thrift store donations.

A parent requested a welfare check on their child who was staying with their ex, wanting to know whether the child had been brought to school or not.

Firefighters responded to a grass fire burning near transmission lines. Someone’s neighbors were having too loud of a party.

April 3

A driver was cited for failing to stop at a stop sign. A spectator late for a softball game hurriedly parked on someone’s lawn, despite the “No Parking” sign. Two younger women experiencing road rage got into an altercation

after one began tailgating the other who was driving five miles an hour below the speed limit.

April 4

Two people who may have been living in their car appeared to be using drugs. A man was monitored after he threatened to kill a woman. Someone thought they heard gunshots near a cemetery.