The Blotter: A woman locked herself in her bedroom after her roommate came home and started breaking things.

| September 30, 2020 7:50 AM

Sept. 21

Reports of a driver dropping a dope pipe after crashing a beat up SUV in the ditch.

An “ongoing nuisance” of a group of teen boys congregated in front of someone’s house; one arrived on a bike, the other on a skateboard. A night janitor wanted occupants of a Washington-plated vehicle parked in front of the building being cleaned to move along. Reports of a suicidal female.

Sept. 22

Reports of two pregnant women getting hit in the face. A possible drunk driver was swerving across Highway 40 near Murdochs.

Homebuyers drove by their new residence only to find people still living inside. Prescription meds were nicked from a car.

A woman’s roommate was allegedly selling meth. Someone was seen digging near a grave with a hand shovel. A mother wanted to kick her son out of the house for causing too much drama.

Sept. 23

A woman’s cell phone was stolen. A driver was

educated on tailgating.

Reports of a juvenile having a negative reaction from mixing alcohol with Xanax.

Sept. 24

A dog who was hit by a vehicle was transported to a vet for two injured back legs. A driver was given a warning for obstructed plates. Someone’s apartment neighbors who were moving out were being too noisy.

Sept. 25

A driver involved in a T-bone style accident was threatening to beat the other driver to death. After being picked up, a man was angry that his friends were left on the side of the road to get hit by a drunk driver or eaten by bears.

At a stoplight a man was seen jumping out of the bed of a truck, attempting to unsuccessfully open the passenger door then jump back into the bed of the truck before it took off again. Customers were coming and going in a business, waiting for employees that weren’t there because the place was supposed to be shut down due to a positive Covid case.

Sept. 26

Someone’s cash, ID, gas card, wallet and gun were found strewn across a parking lot.

A truck near the Blue Moon was seen crossing four lanes of highway, driving into the ditch then back out onto the roadway. Reports of shots fired.

Sept. 27

A woman locked herself in her bedroom after her roommate came home and started breaking things. Reports of a home caregiver threatening and harassing a patient. A man leaving a residence, who had previously been arrested for pawning stolen goods, was attempting to run someone over who was trying to block his exit. A distressed looking man was standing on the outside of a bridge; his intentions of jumping were unknown.