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Mitchell questions Powers’ donors

| September 23, 2020 8:05 AM

I am the Republican candidate for House District 3 which includes all of the North Fork. Friends of mine say living there this year has felt like witnessing an invasion.

According to official traffic counts from Glacier National Park in August 24,119 people entered the park at Polebridge, while 43,842 crossed into the North Fork from Camas Road.

But after checking my Democratic opponent’s fundraising report for the last month there’s another invasion flooding the North Fork — liberal dollars from liberal donors from around the country attempting to influence the North Fork, Columbia Falls, and surrounding areas.

The following is a list of the hometowns of her out of state donors for just the last 30 days: New York has four people from Brooklyn, one from Buffalo and one from New York City. One is a writer for the Jimmy Kimmel show.

One each from Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, Oregon, Kansas, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Washington, Utah and Illinois.

There are eight donors from California — two from San Francisco, two from Oakland, two from Los Angeles and one from Berkeley. One is the executive producer of the cable series VEEP and was one of the executive producers of the show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

There are two donors each from Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland and Minnesota.

I’ll bet that most of these people have never heard of the North Fork, and don’t care about it like I do. And certainly don’t share the values of real North Forkers. It’s sad to see, but it doesn’t surprise me considering the fact that my opponent just fully moved here from Florida. It’s obvious they’re sending money to my opponent to guarantee that someone who shares their philosophies will win a small town Montana seat.

I am the only candidate born and raised in Montana, and I share our values and won’t be bought by out of state dark money.

This is my source: https://cers-ext.mt.gov/CampaignTracker/public/search

Braxton Mitchell, Candidate for House District 3