The Blotter: Men drinking and swearing cause for concern

| September 16, 2020 6:35 AM

Sept. 7

A woman who hadn’t slept all night said her neighbors were harassing her. A black and white dog was at large, dragging a chain behind; a passerby tied it up to a lampost. Someone requested help backing up a truck.

Sept. 8

A tarp flew off the back of a dump truck and wrapped around a power line; it was removed before any damage was done. Four men were standing outside a bar, drinking and swearing; a concerned mother entering a nearby grocery store didn’t want her child to hear. A tenant claimed she was being wrongfully evicted.

Sept. 9

A man staying in a hotel wanted his girlfriend removed from his home after she threw her phone at him; he was afraid she would start breaking stuff. A woman ran into a chain link fence and bent one of the bars. A woman hid at the neighbors following domestic abuse.

Sept. 10

A black bear was seen on Talbott Road. The driver of a red 18-wheeler flatbed was flipping people off and recklessly forcing other drivers off the road.

Sept. 11

Someone slashed the passenger side wheels of a vehicle. A man stopped by the police station to register as a sex offender. A resident reported a driver who parked in front of their house then got out of the car drunk and stumbling around. A hit and run occurred in a turning lane. A driver swerving all over the road said he was just tired.

Sept. 12

A Missoula woman’s fiance was missing; his last known location was Columbia Falls. A resident’s neighbor kept parking in front of his mailbox.

A driving drunk grandpa had his one month old grandson in the car.

Sept. 13

A male on a black bicycle was seen knocking over all the traffic cones on a section of highway near the waterslides. A teen possibly sent a video threatening to kill himself to a friend, when checked upon, he denied it.