The Blotter: Neighbor stealing stuff?

| September 9, 2020 12:20 AM

Aug. 31

A porta-potty was tipped over.

A neighbor’s kitten was making a terrible noise. A man who wasn’t able to get a room discount at a local lodging service began sleeping outside on the sidewalk instead.

Sept. 1

An employee activated a business security alarm by pressing the wrong button too many times. A man had phone troubles; whenever he turned his phone off it called 911. An elderly resident reported a neighbor stole a portable radio and a weedeater, the weedeater was returned. A fire hydrant was leaking water. Kids got into rough play, leaving one with a swollen eye.

Sept. 2

A vehicle rear-ended a school bus, no one was hurt. An elderly man stumbled in front of a school bus but was not injured. A woman living at Heritage Place said her daughter took the money she received from the stimulus check out of her bank account without her permission. A woman was found sleeping in a green Buick outside her ex-husband’s place, when asked to move along she damaged the man’s $400 barbecue grill. A motorcycle was stolen out of someone’s driveway. A man, unable to drive home, was cut off at the bar but then began asking other patrons for drinks.

Sept. 3

Reports of a potential suicide.

Someone was concerned that a man who was recently released from jail for assault kept driving by

their mother’s home. A man wearing no shoes was seen walking around school grounds. Two juveniles on bicycles were allegedly seen stealing items from a construction site.

Sept. 4

A red cooler was dropped in the middle of an intersection.

A person was camping out in a black Prius behind a church. A man wanted his roommate evicted. An erratic driver was observed with a can in his hand.

A man pushed a woman out of a blue BMW after the two were seen arguing, the man then took off in the vehicle. A drunk man wrapped in a blanket lying near a sidewalk said he was OK.

Sept. 5

A man broke into a church after breaking the door handles and refused to leave. After possibly wrecking a motorcycle, a man was seen running away with no shoes saying he needed to help his friend.

Sept. 6

A man in an older white truck with a blue stripe was talking suspiciously to a woman’s 11-year -old daughter. A reckless driver ran a red light. Someone wanted a man checked up on who had mentioned in their last call that he had COVID-19. A resident released dogs on a neighbor after yelling at her to get off their property.