Community Thanksgiving dinner canceled

| October 14, 2020 8:35 AM

Now it is final. The community Thanksgiving dinner at Sondreson Hall is canceled. We have been concerned about it all summer, but is down to where we had no choice. The Hall will be available for any smaller group of members, as long as they abide by the Covid 19 regulations for serving, social distancing, etc. There was just no way to accommodate the 80 to 100 people that usually attend.

The Landowners board of directors, as well as the members, discussed the future of the North Fork and how to best protect our special little part of the world before we, and visitors, love it to death.

Topics of concern include Glacier Park’s short-sighted management this year of closing campgrounds and the closing of lakes to any boats.

This led to talk about mussels and the need for a boat inspection site at Polebridge.

Maybe the Forest Service and Glacier Park could cooperate and set up inspections near the Mercantile that would protect both sides of the river.

Increased recreationists on the river and camping

anywhere in the Flathead Forest is another growing concern, as well as increased traffic on all roads by ATVs and sideby- sides. They tend to go too fast and have poor mufflers. There have been two deaths and several wrecks in the past.

Of course, all of this puts more strain on the North Fork Road and raises more concerns about what might happen if the Inside Road is reopened to travel. It doesn’t look like the Montana Highway Patrol will be doing any traffic control, so speed and dust become more of a problem as traffic increases.

None of the issues are simple and easy to solve. The Landowners Association has a policy of not taking a position on political issues.

This is because most issues have two sides and there are inevitably members on both sides. We hope for a united community that welcomes all sides without bickering.

With all of this in mind, it is the desire of the Landowners Association to assist everyone in identifying the issues, discussing options, and working toward the best solutions for the community.

Look forward to these discussions at the winter

Interlocal and at NFLA meetings next summer, and I hope between neighbors. I think we have more in common than we realize when it comes to what we want for the North Fork.

Despite the views, the NFLA will plan for a full schedule of events for the coming year and hope we do not have to make adjustments next summer. Contact President Bill Walker if you want to help or host an event.

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