The Blotter: Bear trapped near Waterslides

| October 14, 2020 12:45 AM

Oct. 5

A woman thought she knew who took her gold Toyota Highlander. Two teenage shoplifters were detained. A backpack was turned in containing an unknown white substance, it was determined to be salt after a male tasted it. A woman was caught on video damaging a new automatic car washer.

Oct. 6

An elk was struck by a van, passengers sustained minor injuries. Reports of a dog fight. Reports of a hit and run. A woman claimed her roommates may have stolen her purse. Someone’s neighbor was playing their music full blast. Reports of a family dispute. A woman with mold in her bathroom stated she couldn’t live like this anymore. Someone accidentally called 911 when trying to delete contacts in her phone. A homeless person was picked up by a resident and was being brought to a shelter.

Oct. 7

Someone filed an unemployment claim under another unsuspecting person’s name.

Reports of a rape went to Adult Protective Services. Someone dropped off expired meds. A barking dog’s owner was reminded of the city’s ordinance. Reports of a man beating someone up.

Oct. 8

A woman thought her son was missing, but as she woke up a little more realized he had simply left for work. Bears, possibly grizzlies, were seen near Bills Lane near Perfect Cuts in Columbia Falls. Reports of a son stealing $60. A resident returned home to find a book that had been in the house was now sitting on a table outdoors. Reports of an irate husband.

Oct. 9

A rifle and pistol were stolen from a truck. Reports of a suicidal female who had just contracted COVID 19. Someone’s neighbor keeps accusing them of stealing packages when there is clear video that he himself picks them up. A three vehicle accident occurred near the water slides. Two boys dropped their bicycles and ran, reports that the bikes may have been stolen.

A pistol and bear spray were taken from someone’s work truck. Reports of someone hitting a sewer line while digging.

Someone drove off from a gas station with a pump hose still attached to their gas tank. An ex-girlfriend was not returning some items.

Oct. 10

A woman’s credit card was stolen and she was seeing fraudulent charges, one of them for a Playstation. Reports of a gray Tesla with Nevada plates needing to be towed.

Oct. 11

Suspicions that a gray Tesla may have been stolen. A truck towing a camper took out a corner fence post when leaving a campground. Reports of fireworks going off. Plates were possibly stolen from a ‘99 truck and placed on a stolen BMW convertible. Subjects snuggling in a car near the highschool were advised to move along. A large bear, possibly a grizzly, that had been in some garbage was caught in a trap near the waterslides.