The Blotter: Shoplifter steals greeting card

| November 18, 2020 1:00 AM

Nov. 9

Someone had $30 taken from their vehicle in the middle of the night. A woman said she heard someone shooting at her son’s car. Reports of possible suicidal intent. A Toyota Sequoia slid on the ice, hit a guardrail, turned sideways and blocked a lane of traffic on Highway 2, no one was injured. An abandoned vehicle was towed. A business had video footage of a theft occurring. A wallet was lost near Smith’s Food and Drug. A man was bleeding because his wife bit him. A driver given a warning for driving without lights stated they did not know how to turn them on.

Nov. 10

Someone’s home security alarm was activated while they were away, but the home was found to be secure. Citizens were very concerned about the welfare of a possibly suicidal woman’s American terrier. A male visitor to a Meadow Lake apartment became aggressive after being asked to leave three times due to a ban on guests because of coronavirus restrictions. An iPhone was found lying in a tire track in the snow. A woman who had been drinking with her boyfriend was worried about him driving drunk on icy road conditions. Someone talking to a friend on the phone was confused how it spontaneously opened a line to 911.

Nov. 11

Child Protective Services was contacted about physical child abuse. A grocery store reported the theft of a greeting card, shampoo and water. A man wearing brass knuckles left the scene of a fight in black Dodge truck.

Nov. 12

Someone kept shutting the breakers to one of a landlord’s apartments off, and was urinating and littering in the backyard. A man asked to leave a bar became aggressive and confrontational. A man drove a vehicle through the sliding doors of Super 1 Foods, drove down two aisles, and ran away.

Nov. 13

A resident living near a business was concerned about two female employees who were “raising hell” outside. Reports of a lost husky puppy possibly getting cold in the snow. A resident was unsure where to park after getting a tag saying his vehicle was in the way of the snow plows. Reports of a bear in a resident’s tree; it wasn’t being disruptive. Reports of domestic violence. An intoxicated woman started yelling and banging on a resident’s windows, where the resident’s guest was staying. Nine people wanted to give statements concerning the Super 1 “drive-through.”

Nov. 14

Reports of a fender-bender. A request was received for extra patrol near a mini-storage in the evenings after an incident occurred. Someone lingering in a city park was advised to move along after it had closed at 10 p.m. Reports of suicidal intent with a knife. Someone called to report a motorcycle driving without a taillight, adding that the event was even more suspicious given it was 30 degrees out and snowing. Six people wanted to give statements concerning the Super 1 “drive-through.”

Nov. 15

A man called to dispute the claim that he was a suspect for a stolen vehicle, stating that the vehicle was actually being loaned to him and his wife by his father-in-law. A man upset over rewards points was refusing to leave the store after being asked to do so. A man called to report his daughter was not returning his car. A woman wanting her 13-year-old son to return from a nearby house said the last time she tried to pick him up he kicked out the windows of her car. Reports of a swerving vehicle.