Town Pump spearheading food drive

| November 11, 2020 7:00 AM

The Columbia Falls Food Bank is participating in the Town Pump Charitable Foundation’s 19th annual “Be a Friend in Deed, Helping Those in Need” fundraising campaign which runs through Nov. 30.

With demand for food bank services surging in Montana during the pandemic, a record-setting 93 food banks are participating in the statewide campaign this year. The Foundation will be matching $750,000 in contributions made to food banks across the state.

Locally, the Foundation will match up to $12,000 for the Columbia Falls Food Bank.

The campaign has raised over $36 million for Montana food banks in 18 years, including about $7 million in matching grants from the Town Pump Charitable Foundation. Organizers of the campaign hope to raise $4 million for the food banks this year.

The money is frequently used to purchase perishable food items such as milk, bread, fruit and vegetables. Also, the funds are becoming more crucial in helping many food bank organizations simply stay open through payment of rent, utilities, and space for storage, refrigeration and freezing.

“The good work of Montana’s local food banks is especially vital in the ongoing pandemic,” said Bill McGladdery, of the Town Pump Charitable Foundation. “Please join Town Pump and our dedicated food bank partners in making a difference in the lives of our hungry neighbors by donating today at our businesses or directly to the food banks.”

Donations can be made directly to Columbia Falls Food Bank at P.O. Box 1081, Columbia Falls, MT 59912, or they can be made at any local Town Pump, Lucky Lil’s and Magic Diamonds.