The Blotter: Chicken killing dog

| May 20, 2020 7:06 AM

Monday, May 11

The caller noticed someone had covered a security camera at his Columbia Falls home.

A caller was missing his mountain bike after the friend he loaned it to ended up in jail.

The caller’s neighbor kept dumping lawn clippings in an 11th Street alley.

Tuesday, May 12

A package was stolen from a Columbia Falls home, then returned a day later by the caller’s parents.

A man who claimed to be a boxer was trying to fight a man on Ninth Street.

Wednesday, May 13

A dog snuck under a fence and killed the caller’s chickens.

A man freaking out in his vehicle appeared to be on drugs.

A shed started on fire in Columbia Falls.

Thursday, May 14

A driver heading into Columbia Falls was speeding and swerving along the highway.

A woman was walking around and yelling inside a trailer court.

Two men, one on a motorcycle and one in a restaurant, were yelling at each other on Nucleus Avenue.

Friday, May 15

The gun found on the Columbia Falls caller’s child turned out to be an airsoft toy pistol.

A vehicle started on fire on Ninth Street.

A man entered a Columbia Falls garage and stole an unknown amount of wrenches.

Two customers at a Ninth Street business got in a fight.

A teen was caught shoplifting at a Columbia Falls grocery store.

Saturday, May 16

A dog was constantly barking on Martha Road.

The caller suspected the people who had been hopping their fence and knocking on their windows were kids.

Sunday, May 17

A woman who recently purchased a van now believed the vehicle was used in a hit and run.

The caller claimed a homeless woman was trying to prevent him from removing a pickup camper.

A yellow dog was running around near Forth Street attacking chickens and cats.