The Blotter: Woman tries to drill her ex, literally

| March 25, 2020 6:15 AM

Tuesday, March 17

A man wanted plates run to make sure the trailer he was buying wasn’t stolen.

A woman received unwanted calls from what sounded like a human trafficker.

Neighbors reported reckless drivers on four-wheelers racing down their street.

Suspiciously in one Columbia Falls neighborhood, cars kept driving up to a house where someone would come out and stick a hand through their rolled-down windows before driving off.

Wednesday, March 18

A man reported his ex was using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to refuse his spring break time with their children.

A Columbia Falls resident looked out to find someone had deposited a lost dog in their fenced-in yard. The dog had tags and was returned.

A bearded and dreadlocked man approached someone’s door to ask for bullets. When met with hostility, he ran.

A woman locked her ex-fiance out of the house as she began destroying property. She had a bat and a drill, the latter of which she had reportedly attempted to use on the ex’s genitals.

A resident was wondering if the weeping willow limbs piling up in his yard were his neighbors’ responsibility to clean up given it was their tree.

Thursday, March 19

A Columbia Falls man woke up to an egg splattered on his window, no damage had been done.

A woman believed her ex-son-in-law is growing weed, although he claims he has permission.

A woman’s mailbox was the casualty of an intoxicated driver.

Friday, March 20

The woman who threatened her ex with a drill was being released from custody. The ex was yet to be notified.

A frantic out-of-town father was threatening to take his 10 year old son with asthma away from his mother now that there were reported cases of coronavirus in Flathead County.

A grandmother needed law enforcement assistance to pick her grandchildren up from her ex-daughter-in-law.

Saturday, March 21

A Columbia Falls woman allergic to cats needed police to remove a stray that kept frequenting her porch.

Weapons were stolen near Blankenship.

People on ATVs kept catching enough air to jump a Highway 206 resident’s elevated driveway. The resident was concerned for their safety.

Sunday, March 22

Someone’s 14-year-old daughter was sneaking out of the house with an 18-year-old male.

A father shot a pet dog in the head after it attacked his son. The dog was suspected to have rabies.

A man called to report he thought he might have the coronavirus.

A woman called to add to her report of missing $100 Ray-Bans.

Monday, March 23

A Hungry Horse woman accused her neighbor of hardwiring another camper to her building and stealing electricity.

A man assaulted his estranged wife in a grocery store, telling her if he can’t have her, no one can.

A Hungry Horse man posted a video of himself driving a car on a pedestrian pathway while honking and forcing people out of the way.

Two Columbia Falls girls were throwing glass bottles into an intersection. They returned to clean up the shattered glass.