The Blotter: Hungry Horse man says house is ‘chemically hot’

| March 18, 2020 6:38 AM

Tuesday, March 10

A lost but super friendly, curly-tailed yellow lab mix was returned to its Columbia Falls owner.

A house losing its tin roof in a heavy windstorm sent flying pieces of metal towards a neighboring residence.

A Martin City resident had second thoughts on retrieving some property and canceled a requested civil standby.

A Hungry Horse man felt his house was “chemically hot.” He wondered if his neighbor had sprayed his home with bear spray.

Wednesday, March 11

A Columbia Falls man barricaded himself into a garage.

Neighbors at the end of a cul-de-sac were fighting over property lines.

An agitated Columbia Falls woman wanted her brother to return her Social Security card.

Someone has been forging checks.

Thursday, March 12

Someone broke a window in a Hungry Horse bar.

A Columbia Falls resident reported that people have been using the empty lot across from her home as a garbage dump.

A driver was called in for possibly being passed out in his vehicle on the side of the road. Turns out, he was waiting on help for a flat tire.

While driving down Highway 206, a silver SUV kept swerving across lanes.

Family members got into a physical confrontation over disputes concerning a deceased relative’s property.

Friday, March 13

Two blonde women in a Columbia Falls establishment kept punching people without provocation. The owner asked police for their removal.

A dog found limping from an injured hip in a roadside ditch was taken to the animal hospital.

A man’s identity was stolen.

High winds knocked down a power line that began sparking and smoking.

Saturday, March 14

Two black labs were reportedly being treated cruelly by being left outside in cold weather. Upon further inspection, they had access to an insulated dog house.

A driver of a white Tacoma slid off the road, possibly due to alcohol consumption.

A male called to report being abused by a woman.

Two women called to report being abused by a man.

A woman called 911 from down the street after fleeing her house upon hearing a window shatter.

Sunday, March 15

A man woke up to an abandoned Chevy parked in his driveway. He wanted it towed.

In an attempt to dispose of wind-fallen trees, a man dragged the logs behind his tractor across his neighbors’ property, including their lawns.

A woman dropped her phone when removing lasagna from the oven and it dialed 911.

Monday, March 16

A man going through a breakup with a woman stole the license plates off her vehicle. He also admitted to stealing and pawning her chainsaw.

Someone turned in a lost credit card.