The Blotter: She’s OK, just cooling off from boyfriend troubles

| March 11, 2020 12:41 PM

Tuesday, March 3

Two large St. Bernards were roaming the roadways.

A bike was stolen.

Someone wanted a person lying in a sleeping bag in the dugouts to be checked on.

A furious man who had not received full payment for a motorcycle was worried he may harm the buyer. He was advised that any intimidation could lead to serious charges.

People attempted to track down a small white terrier dog that ran deep into a mill yard.

Wednesday, March 4

A woman was concerned that her landlord was at her residence while she was away; she still had time left on her lease.

A woman exhibited possible road rage when she reportedly cut another driver off and brake checked twice.

A minor received an MIP.

Thursday, March 5

A man showed up for a hearing intoxicated and was held on a contempt of court charge until he sobered up.

Residents were concerned their neighbor was recording them, which the neighbor admitted to because, he alleged, the people had been harassing him.

A man reported his vehicle had been broken into for the second time.

A woman parked in her vehicle was questioned. She stated she was OK, just cooling off from an argument with her boyfriend.

Friday, March 6

A woman reported she was being intimidated by her male neighbors.

Two women got into a domestic row.

Saturday, March 7

A husband and wife were arguing over their living situation. He said she didn’t live there anymore and she refused to leave.

A woman found what she believed to be drug needles on the side of the road.

A resident reported a man began shooting his gun into the hillside as the resident attempted to get home, stating the resident was 500 yards from his home and was breaking the law. The resident had no idea where the man lived.

Sunday, March 8

A woman had questions concerning what to do with an injured cat that wasn’t hers.

A woman was concerned her neighbor’s horses were not being properly cared for.

Monday, March 9

A business reported a break-in.

A man threatened to shoot his neighbor’s dog.

A boy’s cousin stole his bicycle and wouldn’t give it back.

A man’s ex-wife was trespassing on his property.