Opposes Adams

| March 11, 2020 12:41 PM

According to the March 4, 2020 article about the Lake Five Project getting “Green Lighted by the Fathead County Commissioner” the lawyers and judges may get to do what the Flathead Planning Board would not do back on Jan. 8th. I attended that meeting and watched as the planning board ignored the comments of some 40 people who opposed the request for a major land use change.

One planning board member in particular ignored concerns ranging from potential pollution of the lake to the protecting the loon population that uses the area for a feeding ground. That member is Elliot Adams. His only concern was establishing a speed limit and putting signs on the access road to the proposed retreat.

I now see that Mr. Elliot Adams is running for the soon to be open County Commissioners seat. In a press release Mr. Adams said, “As a planning board member, I have sought to protect our property rights.”

Watching him work these last few weeks I would suggest that Mr. Adams believes that one should be able to anything one wants on his/her property and the neighbors be damned. Mr. Adams would rather rubber stamp a proposal that the county’s planning staff puts before him rather than apply common sense and resolve issues. Mr. Adams approach to planning is, in my opinion, “let the court system do it for Flathead County.”

Mr. Adams ignored the recommendation of the Middle Canyon Land Use Advisory Committee who voted 2-0 to oppose the proposed Lake Five major land use request.

If you want to build a sewage treatment facility on your property and don’t care about your neighbors, Elliot Adams is your man. If you want to build a race track on your property and don’t care about your neighbors, Elliot Adams is your man. He will rubber stamp anything that the county planning staff hands him.

As Elliot Adams says, “he’ll protect your property rights” because he too does not care about your neighbors.

Remember, if you don’t like the way Elliot Adams deals with county planning issues, you can go to court to resolve your issues.

Lee Pinski