The Blotter: Woman rolls car over, but says she’s fine

| March 4, 2020 7:24 AM

Tuesday, Feb. 25

A resident was not happy with a juvenile on his property and wanted him arrested. A company hired a painter who is now possibly squatting in the back portion of the business.

Someone hoped a young man they saw walking along the roadway with a panicked look on his face could be checked up on. A naked man in an alley was trying to get into a business. He couldn’t figure it out.

Wednesday, Feb. 26

A man lost his wallet somewhere in Columbia Falls. Shortly after giving his debit card number to a fitness center, a man found a charge from Victoria’s Secret.

He canceled the card, and no charge went through. A woman was threatened by a juvenile who said they would find out where she lives and vandalize and her vehicle. Someone brought a lost blue-eyed husky into a bar while they were waiting for the owner to come claim the dog.

Thursday, Feb. 27

A man was looking for traps to catch cats that had been roaming around his residence.

A woman who rolled her vehicle near McWenneger Slough said that other than having cockleburs in her hair, she was fortunately OK.

Friday, Feb. 28

Five men were fighting on the side of the road. One of them was hitting a parked car with a golf club. A four-man brawl was broken up by another man who received a black eye in the process. An unlocked, unattended vehicle left in a business parking lot started without a key.

Saturday, Feb. 29

A dog was howling all night. A man on a bike was acting suspicious around children. Neighbors were shooting off loud fireworks. A vehicle blocking a gas truck was towed.

Sunday, March 1

A big, brown, friendly Newfoundland with tags and a harness was at large in Columbia Falls. A broken-down Jeep was towed. A missing headlight earned a driver a warning. A woman tried drowning out the loud and constant bass coming from her neighbor, but nothing was working.

Monday, March 2

A 10-speed bicycle showed up on someone’s lawn.

A 4-year-old boy dialed 911 while trying to play video games on his mom’s phone.

A woman reported fraudulent charges on her credit card.

Complaints were made about a messy neighbor.

A missing dog was returned to its owner.