The Blotter: Too loud at the bar

| June 24, 2020 7:14 AM

Monday, June 15

A man was caught trying to cash a fraudulent check at a Columbia Falls business.

A suspicious man was talking to himself and walking along Highway 2.

Tuesday, June 16

A woman trying to do yardwork felt a nearby bar was too loud.

The caller was worried after a vehicle pulled a U-turn and began following them.

Wednesday, June 17

Drivers were constantly speeding along First Avenue.

A dog attacked the caller’s dog and was still at large near Marjorie Street.

A man kept speeding and littering.

Someone kept bringing a vicious dog to a Seventh Street apartment.

In a mix of events, the caller reported a vicious dog being in a Seventh Street building, hearing someone say they were going to beat up an officer, and watching people running after vehicles outside.

Thursday, June 18

The night before a 15-year-old male had destroyed someone’s car and house. A saddle bronc rider at a rodeo needed medical attention after a bad spill.

Friday, June 19

Something appeared to have hit the caller’s Second Street mailbox overnight.

A young man reported other kids had beat him up.

A lost German shepherd dog was without its tags due to a new collar.

Someone spray painted graffiti on a pavilion on Talbot Road.

A newspaper delivery person thought they identified a stolen vehicle.

Saturday, June 20

Someone went through a vehicle parked on 11th Street.

A caller suspected the young girl selling antique money didn’t actually own that money.

Someone went through a Fourth Street caller’s car but took only the phone charger.

A drunk woman injured her face after wandering into the caller’s backyard and falling.

Sunday, June 21

A man slapped a woman in a dispute near Third Avenue.

A woman was receiving threatening messages via an instant messaging application.

The caller believed the “drug addict looking guy” walking around a Ninth Street business was casing the place for a robbery.