Gaiser says thanks

| June 3, 2020 7:25 AM

As this disrupted and unprecedented 2019-20 school year comes to an end, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the staff, students and parents of Columbia Falls High School District 6.

I am grateful for teachers and students who, without much warning, made enormous adjustments. Teachers spent countless hours re-crafting lessons, adjusting expectations and exploring ways to engage and communicate with students online. Students had to maneuver through new methods and new rules in order to complete assignments and gain proficiency in various subject matters.

I am grateful for the parents and community members who, despite the many frustrations imposed by the closing of school, communicated support and patience through this difficult time. In addition, I am grateful for food service and support personnel who provided a valuable service to students and families, preparing and delivering nearly 1,300 meals each day. It was a feat of amazing coordination and efficiency.

And finally, I am grateful and proud of the Columbia Falls High School Class of 2020. As individuals and as a group they have helped to reinforce, in our school the Columbia Falls High School core values – character is compassion, focus on your future and honor yourself and others.

I am inspired by so many of our students in the Class of 2020 because of the challenges they overcame to reach graduation. Whether it was significant academic struggles, economic hardships, family tragedy or even major health issues, many not only overcame, but excelled. As a collective class, in four years of high school, this group faced a series of unusual and significant trials — cyber terrorist threats, protests, the tragic death of classmates and finally a worldwide pandemic. Through grit, maturity and the support of each other the Class of 2020 will serve as a lasting testament to our final core value — the strength to persevere.

Thank you and congratulations to the Columbia Falls High School Class of 2020. You are the reason we bleed blue.

Scott Gaiser

Principal, CFHS