The Blotter: A fight breaks out at an investment firm

| July 22, 2020 7:30 AM

Monday, July 13

A Great Dane dog tried to attack the caller and her own dog during a walk along Second Avenue.

Two men were spotted rummaging around in their car in front of the caller’s house and looked like “meth heads.”

A package seemed to have been stolen from Fourth Avenue.

Tuesday, July 14

A caller lost his wallet somewhere in the “Columbia Falls area.”

A load of wood was spilling out from the back of a moving vehicle on Ninth Street.

The caller was being harassed by her ex after going on a few dates with a new man.

The man seen yelling at a girl on a bike turned out to be her father, and had been looking for her after she ran off for nearly an hour.

Wednesday, July 15

A caller was frustrated with how she was treated after being stopped for the city’s cell phone ordinance.

Items had been stolen from a trailer on Fourth Street.

A neighbor was playing music “so loud it was shaking the walls” on Diane Road.

A group of shaggy youths were hanging out along Ninth Street.

Thursday, July 16

Two men started fighting at a downtown investment firm.

A manager on Ninth Street was threatened by the parents of a former employee who had quit.

A man in khaki shorts was refusing to wear a mask on First Street.

A man reeking of alcohol fell asleep behind the wheel of his parked vehicle.

Friday, July 17

A “brindle colored pit bull mix” was found in a Crescent Drive yard.

A man was not wearing a mask at an auto lube shop.

A man became belligerent after someone called the police on his bad parking choices.

A shot was fired outside a Highway 2 bar after a couple of patrons were kicked out.

A fight broke out in a Highway 2 home.

Saturday, July 18

A caller wanted his confiscated rifle back.

The caller was worried a clearly drunk woman was going to drive after leaving a Highway 2 bar.

Someone tried to steal a bicycle on Third Street.

Sunday, July 19

A caller was worried after a man announced in church he would return later in the month and “release the demons.”

The caller was wondering why about a fifth of the people at a Ninth Street location weren’t wearing masks.