A man’s intent

| February 6, 2020 2:36 PM

Yes, intent does matter. My goodness folks, he misspoke. A man sitting with him at the scorer’s bench said he was immediately sorry and upset with himself and wanted to apologize, but not wanting to interrupt the flow of the introductions and excitement of the game chose to go forward and wait until the end of the game to go to the Browning coach and apologize profusely. You may recall, he is the announcer who likes to start the game with something like,

“Now remember folks, we are here to support the kids and show good sportsmanship, so let’s do that tonight.”

He is a good person who deserves better then what he has received.

On the other hand, yes, intent does matter. If you intentionally decided to do something to hurt or embarrass him or in some way felt you needed to distance yourself from him, maybe there is a mirror at home you should be looking into at your own reflection.

So, get on down from that “high horse” and hop off “the bandwagon.” Give up the “lynch mob” attitude. Don’t “cast that stone.”

Show a little compassion and understanding and stand by a man who has given his life to Columbia Falls as an educator, a coach and a mentor to many of our children, mine included.

So, if you are one of those running in circles waving your hands in the air as you loudly proclaim, “He is bad – I am good. He made a mistake – I never would,” it might do you well to remember a line from Hamlet, “Me thinks thou doth protest too much.”

There is that darn mirror again. Don’t be so quick to throw an old friend “under the bus.” The next one may be coming for you. He is a good person and deserves better than he has received.

A wise old grandmother in her disappointment once said, “If you know how to feel shame, now is the time.” And, she was not speaking to Jerry.

Karl K. Sorenson

Columbia Falls