Thursday, May 13, 2021

At least we’re consistent

| December 2, 2020 12:55 AM

Several things remain consistent as regards Covid-19 in the Flathead. First, infections and deaths continue to rise as tourists coming from urban centers are our biggest carriers. Second, medical costs and health and life insurance premiums continue to skyrocket. Third, state, county and local officials have no intention of seriously changing public health restrictions. Fourth, with District Court Judge Dan Wilson’s recent ruling fewer public establishments will likely worry about implementing what limited restrictions we already have. Fifth, the production timing and distribution logistics of a Covid vaccine presents huge challenges and an estimated 40% of the population (nationwide) will refuse vaccination.

As we’ve seen over the past four years, but especially this past year, nearly 70% of our Flathead population has chosen personal liberty over personal responsibility meaning that “my” freedom outweighs “our” collective public health and all the many consequences it carries. So assuming that not more than 50% of Flathead residents are even willing to be vaccinated to slow infections and deaths we can expect that our medical, health and life insurance costs (and if we’re business owners our workers compensation premiums) should skyrocket in 2021.

I truly hope those who refuse to wear masks, all the non-vaccers, the Covid deniers and others who believe in some type of grand conspiracy believe that their personal rights are absolutely greater than our communal public health, safety and welfare. Because the price to us, our neighbors and society is huge. God help us.

Pat Malone

Columbia Falls