The Blotter: Don’t follow me, I have a pistol

| August 12, 2020 7:00 AM

Monday, Aug. 3

A woman wanted her soon-to-be-ex removed from her apartment. Someone threw a rock through a resident’s window. A minor on a bicycle was seen smoking a vape pen. Someone suspiciously seemed to be transplanting huckleberries behind an abandoned business.

Tuesday, Aug. 4

Someone was driving recklessly near the Blue Moon. A man sleeping in his vehicle was waiting for a friend to pick him up; he had partaken of some earlier day drinking. A family camping in a city park was told to move to the Super 1 parking lot.

Wednesday Aug. 5

No report was available.

Thursday, Aug. 6

A stray dog was seen sniffing around a neighbor’s rabbit pen. People in a camper van were residing on private property. A woman, who believed her neighbors were selling meth, filed a noise complaint over their loud, vulgar and aggressive rhetoric. A drunk driver swerved around a child on a bicycle.

Friday, Aug. 7

Construction workers were driving their dump trucks in a residential neighborhood at 5:30 a.m. A power pole caught on fire. Somebody broke into a resident’s house, but the resident did not want to press charges. A woman’s vehicle was stolen.

Saturday, Aug. 8

A property owner reported one of his tenants having another of his tenants’ vehicle towed. Someone stole a handgun out of a truck. A truck with Tennessee plates was seen swerving into oncoming traffic. Someone lit a fire outside a resident’s door.

Sunday, Aug. 9

A driver tried to get the license plate number of a vehicle that had been tailgating him but when he got close enough, the other driver flashed a pistol at him. Someone had pried open the hinge of a mailbox door, the property lost was unknown. A woman was scared to go outside after her dog was crazily barking at the door.