And we get to live here

| April 1, 2020 5:35 AM

It seems there is only one topic. Coronavirus. Personally, I am sick of all TV news. The talking heads give us only the bad news. Then they go into a long litany of “what ifs.” The real news about the coronavirus is we don’t have any real answers. Since we don’t have answers, my philosophy is to let our medical community tell us what we can do now, and let them advise us on what to do as they get answers.

On the North Fork people are pooling their grocery needs to limit people-to-people contacts. The Polebridge Merc is open for “take out” of supplies that they have in stock – like sugar, flour and other baking supplies. Email is used to maintain contact with friends and neighbors and you can bet if anyone is hurt or really sick they will get help.

In the meantime the mountains are intact, the creeks and river continue to flow and the snow is slowly melting. Novak is taking pictures of elk and deer and we are all keeping an eye out for grizzlies.

North Forkers have a popular saying, “And we get to live here.” That is still true and it is only one of the blessings we all enjoy. Challenging times always pass and so will this one. I am enjoying staying at home. I cook more and have gained six pounds. Now, I will focus on more oatmeal and less bacon in order to drop some of that extra weight.

My fourth last dog also provides a diversion. She is already mostly potty trained but her sharp baby teeth have put multiple scabs on my arms and legs. That is good too. Now I spend even more time washing carefully – twenty seconds just doesn’t get the job done.

Finally, get outside every day. I have a big fenced yard, which the pup and I thoroughly enjoy and it is easy to take a walk in Columbia Falls and maintain social distancing. Even easier on the North Fork if you avoid public outhouses and watch for wildlife and birds. I know most people look for big animals and big birds, but if you just sit still for a few minutes you might be surprised at how many small animals and birds there are. I have had many a laugh watching little critters bustling about.

Think positive. Today is the only day we have to worry about. We will see soon enough what is coming tomorrow. Things could always be worse and if they are we will deal with that too.

I have always considered myself blessed that I live in Montana and not some big city. Never more than today.

What do you think?

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