The Blotter: Woman wanted to drive off cliff, but couldn’t find her keys

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Jan. 15

Runaway juvenile report on Martha Road. A woman and her 6-year-old child were afraid a guy in a pickup was going to run them over at Smith’s parking lot. She went to the police station to report it and the man followed her there apparently to clear things up. Another runaway juvenile report on Diane Road. A woman was worried that a man would come after her at Smith’s parking lot after she accidentally shined him with her high beams. Neighbors asked police to check on a woman whose Great Dane was left outside and was barking. The woman apparently had fallen asleep and forgot about the dog.

Jan. 16

A person called police after he ordered a package and it never showed up. The company that sent it told him to file a report with police. Jaywalkers on 11th Street.

Jan. 17

A car hit a gas line on Nucleus Avenue. A teenage girl wanted to know if police could unblock a number that called her at night telling her, among other things, “she was better off dead.” The police said she had to contact her cell phone provider. A woman called police saying she heard voices near her door and they sounded like they were going to break into her house. Police checked it out and found footprints, but no signs of a vehicle.

Jan. 18

Suicide threat — a male had an anxiety attack but was OK now. A woman wanted her brother out of the house. He was a heavy drinker and causing chaos.

Jan. 19

Hit and run on Nucleus Avenue. Man said music is so loud it rattles his windows from an establishment on Nucleus Avenue. It’s an ongoing problem.

Jan. 20

Hit and run on Highway 2 near River Road.

Jan. 21

Road rage on Highway 40. Man in his 60s was threatening to beat up another driver. Reckless driver on Highway 2 almost ran party off the road. Suicide threat — female said she wanted to drive off a cliff, but couldn’t find her keys. She also had a gun, but didn’t use it. She was taken to the hospital. A woman who claimed she escaped from being kidnapped by her boyfriend in Lake County was worried he might find her. A woman was punched in the face on Nucleus Avenue.

Jan. 22

Someone tried to pass a fake $100 bill at the business on Highway 2. Reckless driver ended up in the ditch on South Hilltop. Someone threw a snowball and broke a car window on Brunner Road. Possible break-in at a wrecking yard on Jensen Road.

Jan. 23

A male tried to jump out a second story window, but when he hit it, he just bounced off and didn’t go through the glass. A person was threatening other people, saying he was “going to use them as target practice.” There were three non-injury accidents. Report of kids being “abandoned” at a daycare.

Jan. 24

A woman called to say that about 4 p.m. everyday, someone tried to get into her house. Hit and run on Highway 2 — bumper completely tore off. A drunk man in a truck was brandishing a gun and saying he was going to hurt people on Highway 2.

Jan. 25

Lots of parking complaints at Fran Lou Park. Report of a juvenile stealing a bike on Diane Road.

Jan. 26

A woman was worried about her elderly mother because a man kept coming to the house, leaving her notes and saying his dog was missing. An woman was worried about a friend who left her front door open and wasn’t home. Possible burglary on A Street. A patron kept yelling at a bartender.

Jan. 27

A woman may cut her wrists — ambulance responded. Report of a big argument on Nucleus, then everyone took off in cars.

Jan. 28

Theft on Highway 2, arrest made. T-bone accident on Highway 2 near Proof Research. Car was wedged under truck, but everyone was out of vehicles, no apparent serious injuries. A man said three other males were making threats to him on Nucleus Avenue. Report of excessive noise from bowling alley. Police checked it out and said it was unfounded.

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