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It’s been an interesting week.

Of course the “big” news was that Potter Ministries would shut down and with it would go MudMan Burgers. The thing that made me both smile and shake my head at the same time was the reaction of the social media community who lamented the loss of the burgers, as opposed to the way the ministry treated its employees at the restaurant, which, by many accounts, wasn’t very well.

Admittedly the burgers were quite tasty, but they were also the sort of meal that one should eat once a year, if that.

They were huge and sloppy and delicious, for sure, but they must have had 40 grams of saturated fat and probably 1,500 calories. Not exactly heart healthy. Add a milk shake and you were looking at a heart attack if you ate there a couple days a week.

And then there were the raft of Monday morning quarterbacks who immediately chimed in and said the ministry was a cult.

I have a hard time with the word “cult.” I figure smart people know the meaning of freewill and are strong enough to walk away from anything. I mean, isn’t that what the good old USA is all about? Telling someone to stuff it?

This is also the sort of thing that turns people off from church. I’m not a strong churchgoer by any stretch, but many local churches do a lot of good in this community. Two winters ago comes to mind immediately, when local churches banded together to feed people who were literally starving on the Blackfeet Reservation.


Heritage Days came and went and seemed to be a big success for the most part. The car show in particular had a great turnout.

But I have to say it seems almost impossible to get people to go to Marantette Park after the parade. The Rotary had a couple of good bands playing, but folks just didn’t show up. Too many people just seem to go their own way after the parade, whether it’s taking a nap after a long Friday night out or floating the river on a hot summer day.

The Gunsight Saloon had a good crowd Saturday night, but 200-250 people at a downtown bar seems like a lot of people.

Bars have an advantage in that they have a restaurant, and shade and just about any sort of adult beverage one can think of.

Maybe the best thing to do is just let them have Saturday night and call Heritage Days good.

Just my two cents.

Chris Peterson is the editor of the Hungry Horse News.

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